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  Welcome to Trucker Charity Inc. We are a 501(c)(3) non profit charity comprised of career drivers who have devoted our lives to --- Read the whole story....


                 Thank You to those that supported the 1st Annual Trucker Charity, Inc. Scholarship Convoy and Truck Show  

                          Saturday June 21, 2014 Mascoutah, Illinois 62258               


We help those in the transportation industry that have falen on hard times.

Every year we are faced with a growing need. Clients are often refered to us by national groups such as OOIDA, “Truckers News”,  Travel Centers,  and varous other sorces’, as well as word of mouth and internet search.

We get stranded drivers home. In some emergency situations we help  with food if they are hungry, with safe lodging if they have no place to stay, along with offering them ideas and gidance for finding a good job.

Our life coaching is where we pair a client with a veteran truck driver who has typically been in a similar situation and the two of them work in one-on-one atmosphere to help improve the client’s situation. This can be either with their profesion or even in their personal life. Sometimes just a caring ear can help relive a lot of stress on the road.

Our “Last Ride Home” program is when a driver passes away on the road the family can request that we transport the driver home in a respectful way. 

                                                             TRUCKERS' HELPING TRUCKERS' 

                         UPCOMING EVENTS

        Trucker Jamboree  June 10th - 12th. Iowa 80 Truckstop Walcott Iowa


       Dallas Truck Show (Gats) August 21-23 http://www.gatsonline.com

Belleville Chili Cookoff  Oct 3-4  Belleville Illinois


We at Trucker Charity would like to humbley thank all those who attended the various truck shows and donated there time and money to help us with our mission

The drivers and families who turn to us are in despperate need. Because of your continued support, we are able to help them pick themselfs back up.
We are making a difference in the industryWe are fostering the brotherhood of trucking that we so deeply miss.
Help us continue making a difference by supporting our mission.
The start of a new year. We are working hard to provide for the needs of our brothers and sisters of the highway.

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Your Dollars help us support the transportation industry by being a listening ear and a caring heart from those who are in the industry and understand the trails and tribulations of the lifestyle.

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