The mission of Trucker Charity, is to assist those in the trucking industry in need. We will do this financially, and with education. Our life coach and mentoring programs will work with those that need help one on one. We will raise money to help support people in the trucking industry who are in need and luck has passed them by. We will assisit in making sure people are fed and safe in emergency housing. Including mechanics, truckers and their families and all jobs related to the trucking industry. We will be good stewards of peoples money and help our industry prosper with support and education. With our ability to bring the trucking industry together we will assist in disasters with cordination of equipment, logistics and manpower.

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 Driver Appreciation Week

                      September 13th thru the 19th

All donations and money raised during this week will go to Trucker Charity.The mission of Trucker Charity, is to assist those in the trucking industry in need. We will do this financially, and with education.” http://www.truckercharity.org.

Don’t forget to buy 50/50 raffle tickets! Prizes and gift cards for drivers and safe driving awards!

Monday 9/14/15 – Lunch build your own sub sandwich in the kitchen at Big Rock Transportation. After lunch we will be shaving some people’s heads for a $5.00 donation you can pick the person you want to see shaved. Our participants will be. Scott Bernard, Joel Griffeth, Josh Tweedie.

Tuesday 9/15/15 – Breakfast, coffee, donuts, and fruit. 1pm dessert, apple crisp.

Wednesday 9/16/15 -Breakfast, coffee, donuts, and fruit. 1pm dessert, strawberry shortcake. 4:30 pie in the face, the fee is $5.00 per a pie. I will get a list of names for you to choose from.

Thursday 9/17/15 - Breakfast, coffee, donuts, and fruit. 1 pm dessert, brownie ale mode.

Friday 9/18/15 – We will be having a community BBQ with burgers, hot dogs, chips and soda. Radio station live on location!

We will be having a fund raiser for Trucker Charity which we have named Bail out Bunk. There will be a Big Rock truck in the yard Friday which will serve as the jail. If you wish to have someone arrested you need to pay $5.00 to have them put in jail and the reason why. They will then be sentenced by a mock trial to include myself as judge, Janine as prosecutor, and Scott as defense attorney. After they are sentenced and the bail amount is set they will need to raise money to cover the cost of the bail money (be prepared to get a call from jail).

Let’s have some fun!!!!! 



MARS HILL,  ME  04758-3402
(410) 479-9601

 Come Join us as we participate once more in the Chili Cook-off in                                         Belleville, Illinois. Oct 2nd and 3rd.                            Chef Ben Pernell will be stirring up more of his awesome chili.

Welcome to the
32nd Annual Belleville Chili Cook-off
Hosted by the Greater Belleville Chamber of Commerce, the annual Chili Cook-off has featured the culinary creations of individuals, local organizations, and area businesses for more than 30 years! What started with just a few vendors on one block of East Main Street in downtown Belleville has now grown to more than 60 vendors and based on attendance, is now the largest festival in Belleville.  

Many people attend the Chili Cook-off to enjoy the great chili, entertainment and other festivities, but most don’t realize that it’s the biggest fundraiser of the year for many non-profit organizations. Over half of the vendors participating at the Chili Cook-off each year are either a non-profit organization or a business raising money for a charity. 100% of the money you spend at each booth goes to that vendor. 

In addition to the money the vendors donate to their causes, the Greater Belleville Chamber of Commerce also donates 100% of the money collected from the People’s Choice Award.  100% of the donated proceeds go to the
 Community Interfaith Food Pantry in Belleville.


Friday, October 2nd
11 a.m. - Festival Opens 
12 p.m. – Fan Fare
6 p.m. - Well Hungarians
9:30 p.m. - Token Stands Close
10 p.m. -  Beer Stands Close
10:30 p.m. -  Festival Closes

Saturday, October 3rd
7:15 - 8:15 a.m. - Chili Chase Packet Pick-up 
8:45 - Chili Chase Course Briefing 
9 a.m. - Chili Chase 5K Race Start 
11 a.m. - Festival Opens & Kid's Area Opens 
1 p.m. - 9th Annual Junior Idol Competition
3 p.m. - USAF Band of MidAmerica: Airlifter Brass

4 p.m. - Children's Area Closes 
5 p.m. - Chili Cook-off Awards 
6 p.m. - Dance Floor Riot
9:30 p.m. - Token Stands Close 
10 p.m. - Beer Stands Close 
10:30 p.m. Festival Closes  

If your in the area and need a ride give us a call 


Proud Member of Guidestar

 Trucker Charity Inc with partnership with The Association of Christian Trucker's has opened the food pantry to trucker's located on I-70/exit 68 in Brownstown,Illinois. Please help us get the word out to those who need help or want to help by simply sharing this post.

Drivers needing help can stop by 7 days a week to receive up to 3 days of food to get them by.

In order to fulfill this portion of our mission we can't do it without your help. You ask "How can I help?"

One way is stop in and donate any non perishable food item, disposable razor's, soap shampoo, can openers, glad ware,feminine hygiene products, and any other basic need that a driver might need to get by until they receive a check or an advance. We have plans to quickly double the available food items. The ACT has put out a request for more shelving. We are working on that as well. If you happen to be in the area and have some please let us know.

The other way you can help is go tohttp://www.truckercharity.org/store.php… Or make a donation through PayPal and specify for the food pantryhttp://www.truckercharity.org/donations.php

Would you like to know more about the ACT? Check out their web sitehttp://acti70.org/

Call them today 877-744-1158
Tell them Trucker Charity sent ya..