Trucker Charity Membership Program is a great way to provide assistance to you on the road in case of emergency and help support our mission. We are very proud of this program as it provides quick access to personal and health information for our drivers in case of emergency assistance is needed. It is associated with a contact where they can get information on existing health issues, emergency contacts at the job and home, and much much more. 

                 MEMBERSHIP December   SPECIAL

                                             THE Month of  December
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                              FOR FRIEND OR FAMILY MEMBER 

                                PRICING INCLUDES

                               CDL HOLDER $25.00

                      PARTNER CDL HOLDER $20.00

                        NON-CDL HOLDER  $20.00

                         GIFT MEMBERSHIP $25.00 

                              What is included with Membership?

1. Free Last will and Testament, living will, and  power of attorney from Legal Zoom

2. $10,000 accidental death and dismemberment insurance policy

3. 24/7 resource for emergency personal information in case of non-responsive illness or injury. ( includes contact persons both personal and business, health information, and information on insurance policies and who has the right to determine actions on your behalf.)

4. Last Ride Home if needed and desired

5. Coming soon other benefits and perks

6. Helping to support Trucker Charity to continue and grow our mission.

7. Newsletter with updated benefits and specials for members only. 

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or call 888-523-0087 ext 530

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Welcome PER DIEM PLUS to the Trucker Charity Family  View their website to learn about an awesome program.

                                                        https://www.perdiemplus.comPer Diem Plus

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