We are proud to announce the start of the 2014 Christmas campaign. From November 1st until December the 20th, all money donated to us will be used to Give cash gifts to deserving truckers and their families that could use a hand up. The money is given without restriction.  They can use it to buy presents, pay a utility bill, or even Christmas dinner. We leave it up to them.

So the more money we raise, the more families we can help. Please help our brothers and sisters of the highway and their families.

The ways to help is, choose the donate button below, call 888-523-0087 ext 530, send new items (especially homemade items) to the address on our donate page for sale in our store, buy items in the store, or send money to our main office. The regular case work will still be done with money already designated for that purpose. Let's see how many families we can help. Please donate. To nominate either yourself or someone you know go to "Trucker Charity Christmas" page on the menu bar.    

                                                               Thank You and Merry Christmas to all.

                          Merry Christmas To All

Our goal this year is to raise $10,000 to help truckers and their families have a happy holiday.  As you can see we are falling way behind in our goal.  Please show that Truckers help Truckers is not a fairy tale.  Donate Today Please!

Check out our live feed blog from our friends in the industry as well as all the other pages we have that let you know who we are and what's  happening with us.

                                                                                  Please Help

Throughout the year your dollars help us support Our mission and the transportation industry by being a listening ear and a caring heart from those who are in the industry and understand the trails and tribulations of the lifestyle.

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